Sure, social media gives you a great way to keep in touch. But sometimes, social media just doesn't cut it. You've sent a message and it was ignored. Your text was misunderstood. You're having trouble expressing just how much you care. You need more than a quick note. You need a way to tell your story from beginning to end. You need a dialog.

Enter the paper card. You sign it, you mail it, your recipient holds it, and maybe it becomes a precious keepsake. So, I wondered, could we make a paper card with a dialog that would focus on those awkward moments in our relationships that need the most assistance? With a little inspiration, the Text-it™ Card was born.
Text-it™ Cards are for times when it just seems impossible to communicate: you can't get through; you tried but there's no response; a relationship seems beyond fixing; you can't express love or thanks or admiration enough. It offers the chance to send a meaningful dialog—on paper, the way you would like that dialog go. It makes a statement that is hard to ignore. Sending a Text-it™ is a way to express your feelings and show how you'd want your feelings to be received. It reduces the possibility of misunderstanding.
Let me help you find just the right message. Then you can customize it a bit and make it your own. If you don't find what you're looking for, send us some email and let us know what we missed. You might find a new card with just your need is on the way. We're always looking for good ideas.


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